Show Dog Bow Sizing Help

 Dog Bow Sizing Help
By Lynne McGuire

Doggie Bow Ties creates show dog bows for showing in conformation specifically for three toy dog breeds: Shih Tzu, Yorkie, and Maltese. Because the requirements are so specific to each breed, I would like to briefly describe the dog bows that I create for each breed.

  • Shih Tzu: For the full size Shih Tzu I offer a variety of dog bows in several sizes to accommodate head size and preference in presentation. I also offer a huge variety of styles and colors for the full range of personal taste. I recommend the full size show bows for the Shih Tzu over 9 lbs with a large head. If your Shih Tzu is at the lower end of the breed standard and is petite, then a bow from the Inbetween size page will probably work better for your Shih Tzu. I also offer an Inbetween Petite size dog bow on this same page that works well with the smaller adult Shih Tzu. If you need a bow for your Shih Tzu puppy’s first show at 6 months, you could probably use a double loop puppy dog bow or an Inbetween size dog bow depending on your preference.
  • Yorkie: I offer a full page of red show dog bows for the Yorkie. On this page you may choose to have your bow with or without a flag backing, and many of the bows offered have a choice of centers for the bow. If a full size dog bow is too big for your Yorkie, you can also try the double loop puppy bows or you can use a single loop full size bow that is offered at the bottom of this page. By special request, I will “Petite” downsize any of the bows on the full size red dog bows page for your Yorkie in show.
  • Maltese: The Maltese is shown in a single top knot usually with a single loop puppy size bow until they mature at about 12-18 months old. After that, they are usually shown with the double topknots in the traditional Maltese pairs in either a classic black velvet or a pretty black satin. Maltese pairs have specific sizing depending on the style of the bow. My Maltese velvet pairs are very uniform in size and cut and are available in three styles. I also offer Micro Tiny Ties™ which is a tiny double loop bow suitable for double topknots. My "Bow Ties"™ are single loop pairs for Maltese and are available in: solid satin, metallic edge satin, and are offered embellished with Swarovski Crystal.

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