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<4 lbs-6 lbs

Tiny to

Baby Bows
SL Maltese Pairs
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Small Butterfly Bows
Tiny Ties Dog Bows
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6 lbs-10 lbs

Small to Medium

DL Puppy Bows
DL Puppy Glitter
InBetween Dog Bows
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Small Butterfly Bows
Tiny Ties Dog Bows
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Single Topknot
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Over 10 lbs

Medium to Large

Full Size DL Dog Bows
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Loopy Dog Bows
Tiny Ties Dog Bows
PetLine Dog Bows

Single Topknot
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“Bows for Fun” refers to dog bows meant for your small breed pet dog. The dog bows range in presentation from the whimsical to glamorous or somewhere in between. There really is no set rule for dog bows used for fun; it is a matter of personal taste. My opinions are merely opinion, and you must decide for yourself what you like and what works for your particular dog when choosing dog bows. The chart above offers my suggestions based on the weight of your dog for choosing dog bows if you are unsure of what to order for your dog. Things to keep in mind when choosing a “Fun” dog bow for your dog:

  • If your dog is a “chewer” avoid dog bows with attached barrettes on the back. These can be a health hazard if your dog swallows the dog bow.
  • My Glitter Bows are NOT dangerous to the eyes of your dog. All of my Glitter Dog Bows are constructed of non-toxic glitter, glue, and coatings, that does NOT allow the glitter to come off the bow. The warnings from bow sellers (who do not craft Glitter Bows!) are without merit. The only way that a glitter dog bow would be dangerous is if it was made using metallic or glass glitter which I do not use.
  • The lighter the bow, the less the dog will be aware of the bow in the topknot. Avoid heavily layered bows if your dog is not used to wearing a bow. The layering adds weight to the bow.
  • The bow should compliment the dog’s appearance and not overpower the dog’s head. If the bow looks like a little “hat” on the head in the topknot, then the bow is probably too big for your dog. A bow that is too small looks better than a bow that is too big.
  • If your dog has a thin topknot, a smaller/lighter dog bow will be best for him/her.
  • Use the "lock-in" technique when placing a bow into the topknot on your pet:
    "How To Make A Simple Casual Topknot"
  • Your dog bows will last a long time if you take care of them and follow a few simple rules when storing your bows. "Save A Dog Bow"
  • Shih Tzu puppy: Your Shih Tzu puppy will not be able to wear a bow until she is about 4-5 months old; before that dog bows will not stay in securely because the topknot  hair is not long enough. When you start your puppy out wearing dog bows you have to make sure they cannot get them out and eat them! Supervise your puppy wearing a dog bow in this stage of learning for both owner and puppy. The first bow you should order would be single loop bow puppy size. I have several pages of these. At 6 months old a Shih Tzu puppy will be able to wear either a single loop or if her hair is long enough a double loop puppy. When she is full grown about 1 year old, she could wear either a single loop puppy dog bow, a double loop puppy dog bow, or an Inbetween size dog bow.
  • Head size will differ with the breed of the dog and within the breed also. Experiment with bow size on your particular dog. An easy way to do this is to print out the picture of the bow you are considering. Often times, the printed bow cut out, will be very close to the actual size of that bow. You can always trim down the picture if the paper bow is too big…now use the picture to pretend it is a bow on your dog’s topknot. Holding it to your dog’s head will help you decide what you like on your particular dog and what size bow to get.

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