Shih Tzu Cut Down by Lynne McGuire

Image: BIS Int, Am, Can CH Mr. Foo's Luck of the Draw "Jack"

 BIS, Int, Am, Can CH Mr Foo's Luck of the Draw-Shih Tzu Cut Down

Image: Shih Tzu topknot is banded for cutting.

Image: Shih Tzu topknot is cut under the band to leave one inch of hair on the top of the head. This will be shaved later.

Please note: We are banding the coat before it is cut, because the hair switches
 are being saved for a well known soft sculpture artist to use in her canine art.

1.) Head: We will be using this process of banding sections and cutting to get the hair at a manageable length for the electric clippers. Section out the topknot and band it. Cut below the band.

2.) Head: This leaves a little "crew cut" of hair about
1" long on top of the head. We will use the clippers on this hair later.


Image: The shih ztu body hair is sectioned and banded for cutting.

Image: The banded hair is cut below the bands. This saves the hair in neat switches.

3.) Body: Banding the body hair along the parted backside...note the ear is held out of this banding. It will be cut later with the face.

4.) Body: Continue banding sections of the body hair and cutting below the band leaving about 1" of hair. Banding before cutting also helps to define the
exact areas that will be shaved.

Image: Parting down from the outer corner of the eye and to the front of the ear, this section will be banded and cut.

Image: Shih Tzu with banded body hair scissored off, and ear fringe pulled back to show the neck area that is also banded for cutting.

5.) Face: Parting down from the corner of the eye straight down and back to the front of the ear will be banded for cutting. This section is the hair that is being pulled back

6.) Neck: Cutting off the banded sections, the ear is also banded and pulled away to expose the neck area which will be cut.

Image: The right side has been scissored off and the left side of the shih tzu is banded for cutting. Showing 5 sections down the body side and one section that is under the left ear that will be cut off.

Image: Shwoing the rear area where the hair is sectioned and banded down each back leg to the hocks.

7.) Body: One side is completely cut, and the second side is banded for cutting. Note that the ear fringe is pulled back to the other side  so it will not be cut. We are cutting off the length of the body coat.

8.) Rear: The rear section under the tail and to the hocks
 of each leg is sectioned and banded to be cut. We will
 go back over this area later with clippers. Do not band
 the leg hair~ it is left long.

Image: Shih Tzu facial hair is loosely banded to hold it out of the way. This hair will be cut later after the neck is shaved.

Image: ShihTzu upper chest and body undercoat is banded for cutting.

9.) Face: The section shown is the under eye and
muzzle hair that will be cut LATER.

10.) Upper Chest: Under the neck and upper chest is banded for cutting. Again, the leg hair is not being cut, only the body hair above and the chest hair under the neck is banded and cut.

Image: The front chest starting under the muzzle is banded, as well as the hair just above the leg.

Image: All of the banded sections have been cut from the chest. The facial hair is being held up to show how far up the clip will go.

11.) Chest: Showing the neck and upper chest section
banded for cutting.

12.) Chest: After cutting the neck and upper chest section.The legs are left long. The ears and facial hair are
pulled up here to show the scissored front.

Image: Grab all of the facial hair and hold it mid front for cutting.

Image: Cutting through all of the hair with one cut.

13.) Face: Ears, moustache, and beard are held together
for initial cut.

14.) Face: Cutting straight across through all thickness...

Image: Shih Tzu cut down is ready to begin shaving.

Image: Starting at the back of the muzzle, the shave begins.

15.) Scissor work is complete for now, and
it is time to use the clippers...

16.) Face: Using a #7 Blade the clip begins between
 the eyes and up over the forehead.

Image: The sides of the fave are shaved from the outer corner of the eye down to the neck and back to the front of the ear.

Image: Shaving the sides of the neck with the ear held back.

17.) Face: Holding the ear fringe back and clipping the face sides.

18.) Neck: Holding the ear fringe up and clipping the sides of the neck.

Image: Clipping the back of the neck and behind the ears.

Image: Shaving the body, leaving legs and tail in full coat.

19.) Neck: Clipping the back of the neck...

20.) Back: Continue clipping with your #7 Blade
down the back and body.

Image: The coat is looking less choppy as the shave progresses through the coat. Remember to always shave in one direction.

Image: Finishing the neck area with the shave.

21.) Body: Clipping the body with the #7  Blade.
 which will leave the coat roughly 1/8" long.

22.) Neck: Clipping the neck, ear fringe pulled to the side.

Image: The body is shaved to the beginning of the legs and the tail.

Image: Shaving the rear sections to the hock on each leg.

23.) Body: Clipping the back up to the beginning
of the rear leg which is left long.

24.) Rear: The rear section under the tail and to the hocks of each leg is clipped with the #7  Blade.

Image: The straggly hairs on the tummy area are shaved.

Image: The body shave is complete and this pictures shows how the legs and tail flow from the clipped areas.

25.) Tummy: Cleaning up the tummy area with the #7  Blade.

26.) Body: Finished body clip...on to the armpits...

Image: The armpits are shaved with a #10 blade which gives a closer cut.

Clipping the right armpit still using the #10 Blade

27.) Armpits: Change your blade size to a #10 Blade for the armpits and groin. Clipping the left armpit.

28.) Armpits: Clipping the right armpit still using the #10 Blade for a closer cut than on the body.

Image:Gathering all of the hair on the leg and the tail in one hand, you will have control of the area to be shaved.

Image: Clipping the groin area using a #10 Blade

29.) Grab all of the hair on the tail and rear leg to lift the leg.

30.) Groin: Clipping the groin area using a #10 Blade.

Image: Comb the leg hair down and trim the feet level with the table.

Image: The right rear foot is trimmed in a rounded trim level with the table.

31.) Feet: Trimming the rear feet level with the table rounding them.

32.) Feet: Showing the rounded cut of the rear feet.

Image: The front feet are trimmed level with the table.

Image: Shih Tzu with one foot left to trim.

33.) Feet: Trimming the front feet rounding them
by cutting the outside hair.

34.) Feet: One foot left to go...

Image: The leg hair flares out at the bottom like bell bottoms!

Image: Grab the leg holding all of the hair together and lift it. The hair hanging down will be trimmed level with the pads of the feet.

35.) Feet: All the feet have been trimmed rounding them
where they meet the table.

36.) Feet:  Grabbing all of the hair on the leg at the hocks and brushing the hair down to show the straggly hairs that must be cut off.

Image: The bottom of the foot is being trimmed level with the pads.

Image: A close up of the trimming of the bottom of the foot.

37.) Feet: Using your scissors carefully cut the hair flush
with the bottom of the foot.

38.) Feet: Close up of trimming  the inside hair level
with the bottom of the foot.

Image: The trimmed foot resembles a big powderpuff!

Image: The pads are carefully shaved any long tufts of hair between the pads and toes.

39.) Feet: Trimming the front inside paw hair level with the foot.

40.) Pads: Clip the pads of the feet with a #40  Blade.

Image: Close up of the pads being shaved with a #40 blade on the shaver.

Image: A finished pad all trimmed and shaved.

41.) Pads: Clip the pads of the feet with a #40  Blade.

42.) Feet: The foot pad should be well trimmed like this.

Image: The hair on top of the nose is combed straight up, then trimmed at an angle on each side as the scissors show. This creates an upside down "V" of hair above the nose.

Image: Holding the head steady by gathering the ear fringe behind the head, the beard and moustache is trimmed in a rounded pattern with the sides being shorter.

43.) Face: Comb the hair on top of the nose straight up, and then trim the nose hair at an angle on either side of the nose.

44.) Face: The ears are gathered together to hold the head steady. Slowly scissor the beard and moustache into a semi rounded shape with the sides being shorter.

Image: The moustache is trimmed with the scissors angled upward making them shorter than the beard.

Image: Trimming the beard under the chin.

45.) Face: Still holding the ears back to steady the head and expose the muzzle and beard, angle the scissors up
to cut at a angle for a rounded face.

46.) Face: Still touching up the cuts and rounding out the beard.

Image: Lifting the head to show the additional pieces of hair that must be trimmed under the chin.

Image: trimming the ears bluntly.

47.) Lifting the head a bit, you can see the pieces of hair that need more trimming on the ears and under the chin.

48.) Ears: Cutting the ear fringe with rounded scissors.
They will be short.

Image: Finished from full coated shih tzu to cut down hair cut.

Image: Shih Tzu Jack is finished!

49.) Finished: Front view

50.) Finished: Side view

Image: Mr Foo's Shih Tzu "Jack" in his new hairdo, thanks you for stopping by to see him get his haircut!

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